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Care that is cost-effective, holistic and built around you. 

At Tuckam Care we are dedicated to providing personalised, supportive, and reliable care for you or your loved one. We pride ourselves on ensuring that the care we provide is consistent, high quality and person-centred. We do not have a 'one size fits all' ethos and will work with service users and their families/loved ones to build holistic care plans which agreed support goals that promote independence at all times. 

We provide a range of supportive service and specialise in dementia and more complex support needs and intend to make the experience of receiving support at home and stress free and cost effective as possible while promoting as much choice as possible. 

Building good relationships is important to us. 

We understand that requiring support at home can be stressful and frightening. We aim to reduce this impact as much as possible by ensuring that all our staff are highly trained and fully supported in their roles. Our care staff are carefully selected to match the personality of the person they will be visiting to ensure the best relationship can be built as much as possible. 

All new staff are selected on their personal traits, their empathy and their professionalism. with all new starters going through the same rigorous checks and induction programme to ensure they are appropriately supported and safe to be working for us. 

Continuity of care

Our care services are relationship-based. Matching a member of the team to you ensures that you'll have as much continuity in your care as possible. Your care giver will get to know you as you’ll get to know them. We feel this is very important as not only will this enable to chance to build supportive and trusting relationships, this proximity allows them to spot anything unusual and help prevent illnesses or accidents more easily.

It is usual for our visits to last at least one hour to ensure our care givers the time to attend to your needs effectively but we at Tuckam Care understand that the cost of care can be high so are equipped to build a care package around your needs whilst ensuring that it remains affordable. 

Get the care you need

Make an enquiry with us to discuss your care options and get the support you need.

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